Top 10 Tools for Digital Marketing

Jan 8, 2020

Digital marketing is one big topic. To help facilitate all the different parts of it, there’s tools available to you (and the rest of us). This blog post compiles the top 10 tools for digital marketing, some conceptual and some concrete. Read on to learn about the top 10 tools for digital marketing (in no particular order).

Top 10 Tools for Digital Marketing

1. Brainstorming strategies:

With producing quality content, it can get draining to think something up each time new content needs to be made. Having a ready list of brainstorming tools on hand helps defeat writer’s block. Refer to this blog post from August for explanations on how to use these five brainstorming tools:

  • Group brainstorming
  • Starbursting
  • Free-writing
  • Research
  • Mind-mapping

With strategies to get new ideas flowing, content marketing (a key part of digital marketing) is much easier. Write down ideas from your brainstorming sessions to have content ideas on hand.

2. Social media scheduling platform:

Social media marketing is an important part of digital marketing. To schedule out social media posts ahead of time, a helpful tool is a website like Hootsuite that allows you to upload and schedule posts. If you create a calendar on a spreadsheet, you can upload the CSV file to bulk upload your content. Creating ahead of time allows you the space and time to create quality content that isn’t rushed or crammed.

3. Email scheduling platform:

In the same vein, scheduling emails before they go out allows you to decide exactly when you want to (regularly) send out emails. This routine allows your audience to expect when to hear from you and get to know your company. A service like Mailchimp or even some tools provided by your email account work to create consistent emails.

4. Blog writing help:

While writing blog posts, there’s a lot to keep track of: content, audience, graphics, topics, SEO keywords, timing, and writing style. To help with the writing style nuts and bolts, it’s useful to use another colleague and a digital review. Another person’s eye on your work helps catch typos or misused words like “affect” vs “effect.” An online review (like the Hemingway editor) catches long sentences, passive voice, confusing phrases, and hard to read sections.

5. SEO support:

Search engine optimization affects all of digital marketing, but especially website endeavors. Tools like Moz have resources to track SEO on your platforms. In addition to their tools, they also have information and education about SEO for all marketers.

6. Digital marketing information:

Using industry blogs (like this one) to learn about strategies in your own industry is a valuable tool. For example, marketing when you’re a manufacturing company may be a little different than marketing as a boutique business. See what people who do what you do are saying and what they have to teach you.

7. Website analytic tracking:

Using Google analytics and the analytics provided by your website host allows you to track traffic, audience, keywords, and actions on your website. These are free tools that helps with both SEO and website development.

8. Design support:

To create images for social media platforms and infographics for blog posts/emails, using a website like Canva ups your game. Canva has templates, size formats for each social media platform, and an easy-t0-use interface. Expert design is still needed for your larger projects or website design but a tool like Canva makes day-t0-day design accessible.

9. Human focus:

This one may not seem like a tool, but it really might be the most important one. While working on digital marketing, focus on the people who will see it and interact with it. Without a human focus, marketing strategies can fall flat. This tool in your tool belt can really make all the difference.

10. Work with a team:

Getting others on board with your digital marketing strategies is integral for progress. Fresh ideas, technical skill, and specialized expertise are just some of the tools that a team can add. Find support within your company and bring on additional teammates.

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