Top Tips for Pinterest during the Holidays (Business Edition)

Dec 2, 2016

Top Tips for Pinterest during the Holidays (Business Edition)With the many social media platforms available for your company’s use, it’s easy to focus on some and lose track of others. It happens to the best of us. Yes – even us. For a good chunk of 2016, we had lost track of Pinterest. In our regular Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ postings, we had let regular Pinterest activity fall by the wayside. But, no longer. We’ve recommitted to focusing on Pinterest. What’s more, we’re challenging ourselves (and you!) this holiday season to re-focus on Pinterest. Why? Why is it worth the time to have an active Pinterest account? To be seen. To extend your brand presence. To be where your fans are. It’s as simple as that. 

But the bigger question for this time of year: How do you make your Pinterest account actually help your business during the holidays? For the answer, we looked to the source itself, Pinterest. Pinterest for Business is a great resource for businesses looking to increase the effectiveness of Pinterest over the holidays. Here’s our list of top tips for Pinterest during the holidays. Could your business use a little help in terms of your Pinterest strategy this holiday?  Read on. 

Top Tips for Pinterest during the Holidays (Business Edition)


Make it relevant

Keep your pins consistent with your business core values and fun for the holidays. Pin frequency really does matter. The more you pin, the more visible you are to your audience. At the same time, remember to not over do it. Too many pins gets annoying for your followers after awhile.

Allow your followers to build their own boards and keep your business in front of mind.  It’s a great way for your audience to create a wish list with your products, especially around the holidays.

Keep it organized

The whole idea of pinning to boards is to do just that: keep organized. Keeping your pins organized might be difficult when they fall under multiple titles, but it wouldn’t hurt to start pinning the same item on multiple boards. Pinning to both boards gives your business more visibility and more chances for people to see your product, repin it and build brand awareness.

Remember, too, that there’s nothing more frustrating than pinning something with a broken link – check to make all of your links still function.

Listen to your audience

You can truly see if your Pinterest account is helping your business by listening to your audience. Track how many people repin your pins and see what other things your audience is pinning; this will help you to gauge what is working and what isn’t.

Pinterest isn’t just a great distraction: it is a strong marketing tool. If used correctly, it can absolutely help build stronger brand awareness, share your products and even drive sales. Your next steps: clean up your boards, make sure your links work, take the time to listen to your audience. Knowing your audience will only make your business stronger and more defined.