Trends & Marketing: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out from the Noise

Jun 14, 2019

Picture yourself in the middle of Times Square. There’s people swarming all around you, talking, yelling, and rushing around. You’ll notice the barrage of advertisements surrounding you—the colors, the words, the taglines, the information, and all the marketing strategies. This bombardment of branding occurs all around us everyday, both materially and digitally. For any company, including B2B companies, it’s vital to cultivate a brand that will stand out for customers overwhelmed by options. Read on to learn tips and tricks for how to make your brand stand out from the noise.

How to Make Your Brand Stand Out from the Noise

Your brand standing out from the crowd is vital in marketing. Due to so many brands and websites overwhelming customers’ choices, making your brand memorable and attractive is a key to success. A strong and individualized brand attracts the right customers, builds a following, and adds to your company’s credibility.

Differentiate your brand.

A key factor in making your brand stand out is brand differentiation. Brand differentiation focuses on personalizing and individualizing your brand from the others in your industry. When you individualize your company your potential customers will remember your company. Individualized brands draw both attention and recollection from potential customers. This makes sense because if a brand is attractive and identifiable, we’re more likely to remember it.

Build your brand’s individuality by focusing on what sets it apart from other brands in your industry. What makes your company special or different? Focus on that. Finding your niche in which to camp out in is helpful when developing your brand. You’ll have a smaller pool of competitors when you narrow the focus of your brand to match your company’s focus.

Keep up with the times.

Brand differentiation also includes a pull to relevancy. Making sure your brand content is relevant to both your company and to the current times is important. Updating outdated information allows your brand to show that it is useful and current. This draws customers in and builds your credibility. An out-dated brand will blend right into all the others in the crowd. Check to make sure all your images and branding is consistent across platforms, update old information, and set up a plan to keep checking on your brand’s presence.

Prove that you’re trustworthy.

In addition to keeping up with the times, authenticity is key in brand differentiation. This is runs in a deeper vein than relevancy—you want your brand to also be trustworthy. This connects to sincere marketing because customers can usually tell when your brand is insincere or gimmicky. You want your customers to recognize that your company is the real deal. Keeping your company’s presence authentic shows that your company has strong values. This will help your brand as it humanizes your company. This’ll pull your brand up out of the mosh pit of all companies jostling for the customer’s attention.

Be consistent!

Staying consistent with your brand balances staying current with the times. You want to integrate applicable, current trends into your brand and marketing strategies, however, you want to keep your brand consistent overall. Recognizable and dependable graphics, content, and communication build up the presence of your brand. Consistent and clear presence online and in print will build up your brand. A brand that stays individual, relevant, authentic, and consistent is one that is going to stand out from all the noise.

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