Tweeting to the Top: How to Market with Twitter

Jun 21, 2022

With over 300 million users, Twitter is influential in social media. From short and snappy messages to fun images and trends, Twitter has it all. How, then, can your company monopolize Twitter’s reach? Below are four strategies to tweet your company to the top by showing how to market with Twitter effectively.

Write Relevant Content to Market with Twitter

Relevant content is key to successful marketing. Even though Twitter limits your content to 280 characters, your post content is critical to your marketing strategy. While your message needs to be short, it can still be relevant. Figure out what information your followers want. Maybe they want to know about new products or about the field in general. Whatever your content may be, make sure it fits within your branding to avoid any confusion.

The character limit also puts more pressure on your message to be concise. You can’t waste space on lengthy descriptions and pitches. Marketing with Twitter means getting straight to the point. This does not mean that your posts can’t be fun though! Try adding emojis and fun graphics or pictures to liven up your posts. Twitter is a fun and creative space, so make sure that your content matches that tone while still staying true to your brand.

Take Part in Trends

Just like on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, trends on Twitter are also critical to marketing. By partaking in trends, you are putting more eyes on your content and company. Just make sure that the trend fits your company. It is better to stay true and consistent to your brand than to become viral on a trend. If your company trends for the wrong content, you will not receive the publicity you wish. Therefore, make sure that any trends you partake in can be tied to your company.

In “The Conversation Twitter Trends 2022,” at Twitter, the company releases the three top trends to keep an eye on this year. The first trend focuses on humanitarian efforts and giving back to communities. Fans and Twitter users are taking control in the second trend as Twitter expects fans to be more directive and vocal. The third and final trend is an increase in financial discussions and resources. Keep an eye out for these trends to effectively market with Twitter this year.

Utilize Hashtags to Market with Twitter

Hashtags go hand-in-hand with trends. If you are partaking in a trend, make sure to use the appropriate hashtag so when a Twitter user searches for that trend, your post will also populate.

In Machielle Thomas’ article, “How To Craft the Perfect Twitter Marketing Strategy for Business Success,” at Bluehost, she discusses how hashtags can also be used for promoting your brand and reaching your target audience. Thomas does warn of not going too hashtag crazy, however, as hashtags also count towards your character limit. Therefore, take some time to research trending hashtags to promote your content without sacrificing many characters.

Create and Maintain Relationships

Thomas also recommends using Twitter to foster relationships and engage with potential customers. Asking and answering questions, posting a challenge, hosting a Twitter chat, and sending out a poll are a few tactics Thomas suggests using to market with Twitter.

Twitter provides the perfect two-way communication companies need to create and maintain relationships. You can also retweet posts of other Twitter accounts to engage with them, especially if your company is mentioned. However, just make sure you don’t retweet every mention of your company as that will set a precedent you may not be able to maintain.

From writing relevant content and partaking in trends to utilizing hashtags and fostering relationships, you can tweet your company to the top. Marketing with Twitter is a fun, effective way to reach your target audience and further promote your brand.

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