Understanding Your Audience Through Blogging

Jul 20, 2016

Search engines monitor this activity, and it results in a higher search ranking for your website. So, how can you make sure that your blog is improving the SEO of your site? Read on to find out how blogging can improve SEO for your website.For a blog to be effective, it must be catered to its audience. It should provide the information that readers are actually interested in. To do this, you have to figure out who your current readers are and what they want from your blog. Understanding your audience is key to the success of your blog.

So just how can blogging help you understand your audience? Read on and find out!

Understanding Your Audience Through Blogging

Popular Posts

A good place to start your journey of understanding your audience is to take a look at your past posts. What has worked? What hasn’t worked? Which past posts are your most popular and how are they different from the rest? Looking at this information will let you know what your audience is actually looking for and what they actually like. You can recreate the success of those popular posts by making new posts with similar content.


Blogs give you a great way to interact with your audience. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunities to engage with your readers. Respond in a timely manner to all comments that readers leave on your posts. Remember to be thoughtful with your replies. These readers took the time to leave you comments. Make sure that you answer any questions they may have. Reader comments can also provide excellent criticism that will help you improve the content of your blog.


If you are still looking for a way to understand your audience better, you can always invite feedback in your posts. Ask readers what they think about the posts or even just the blog in general. This is a great way to generate a little more interaction with your audience.


Surveys and polls can be handy to increase audience interaction on your blog. They can also help you understand who your audience is and what they think. You can survey your readers to find out their demographics or to find out their opinions.  Making sure that these surveys are simple, quick, and effortless will boost the audience participation.

So now you know who your audience is, but what do they want? Are your past posts properly serving your audience? If not, then now is the time to cater to what the readers are looking for.

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