Updated: What to Post on Facebook for the Most Reach

Mar 4, 2015

RedMoxy Facebook ImageChances are, when you saw “What to Post on Facebook for the Most Reach,” you thought to yourself, “Oh, I know that. It’s images.”  If that’s what you thought, you’re wrong. Unfortunately, Facebook’s algorithms have changed again, which means your company’s social strategy should also change. Let’s look at what has changed and what you should do about it. 

What to Post on Facebook for the Most Reach

What You Should Know

Business Insider and the social-media analytics company Socialbakers shows that photos perform the poorest in terms of reach – and that’s in comparison to video, links and even text-only posts. Interestingly, it wasn’t so very long ago that posting images were the best way to increase reach on the platform.

Why the change? No one but Facebook knows, but it might be because so many pages have taken to posting only images, or maybe it’s because Facebook has been shifting its strategy more and more towards videos.  Is Facebook trying to be a competitor to YouTube? Facebook announced in a blog post from January 7, “In just one year, the number of video posts per person has increased 75% globally and 94% in the US. And with people creating, posting and interacting with more videos on Facebook, the composition of News Feed is changing. Globally, the amount of video from people and brands in News Feed has increased 3.6x year-over-year.”

There’s more. 76% of people in the US who use Facebook say that they tend to discover the videos they’ll watch on Facebook.

Updated: What to Post on Facebook for the Most ReachWhat You Should Do

Which leads us to the question, “OK. What can I do about it?”

You should post more videos. We talked about video marketing in previous posts (check them out here), and it’s a good thing we did, since video marketing is only going to get bigger in 2015.

Video is now the most effective way to reach your audience on Facebook.

They get an average organic reach of 8.7% compared to image-based posts’ organic reach of 3.7%. In the middle are text-only and link posts – both at the 5% average organic reach mark, with text-only at 5.8% and links at 5.3%.

Our best advice? Continue to post a variety of content – images, links, text-only – but also begin to increase your video marketing strategy. Start making video posts a part of the overall strategy for your company’s Facebook, and you’ll find yourself one step ahead of the algorithm.

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