Use an Integrated Marketing Campaign to Reach Goals

Jan 16, 2015

Use an Integrated Marketing Campaign to Reach Goals

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We always use the phrase “integrated marketing campaign,” but what does that even mean? Why do you have to have an integrated campaign – isn’t having a continuous social presence, weekly blogs and a relevant, updated website good enough? Well, it depends. What is “good enough” for your company?

Here’s why we use integrated marketing campaigns: When all marketing efforts are unified toward a specific goal, the results are easier to track, measure and reach. A campaign refers to unified cross-channel messaging in support of a goal. Consider a team of rowers. When every person on the team pulls on the oar at the exact same time, the goal – the finish line – is reached quickly and seamlessly. And that’s what we want for your marketing.

Use an integrated marketing campaign to reach goals this year. Use these best practices to give your campaigns the best chance for success. With these tips in mind, you’ll have a beautiful report of results to show your boss at the end of Q1.

Use an Integrated Marketing Campaign to Reach Goals

1. Define what success looks like for your campaign before starting.

Before you can align all your marketing channels, you have to know why you’re aligning them. What’s the end goal? Be specific. Are you looking for more leads? More repeat customers? Increased online presence? Spend some time thinking about your real goal for the campaign.

2. Assign someone to be in charge of the campaign.

With one person responsible for making sure the campaign progresses smoothly, it will progress smoothly.

3. Set aside time to plot out the campaign action items.

What blogs need to be written? What social posts need to be scheduled? How will the CTAs on the site be updated? Is there any collateral that needs to be created? Plot out the entire campaign so that you have an overview of everything that needs to be done. And then…

4. Set deadlines.

Make sure all the project participants know when their campaign tasks need to be completed. Send reminders, if necessary.

5. Make sure all project participants understand the details of the project.

Strive for clarity when delegating tasks. Make sure your team knows what to do from the get-go. It’ll act as a preventative against missed deadlines.

6. Re-purpose content when you can.

There’s nothing wrong with this! Refresh old content when you can – it’ll save time.

7. Most importantly…Align your marketing channels.

In the end, make sure that all of the pieces of your marketing puzzle fit together. It’s much easier to measure results when all tools and channels are aligned toward the same goal.

Why do you have to have an integrated marketing campaign? Use an integrated marketing campaign to reach goals. Goals make for growth, and growth means success for you and your company. Campaigns mean you get more out of the time you put in. They help you produce consistent messaging across all company channels. Campaigns ensure you don’t overlook any details. In short, campaigns allow you to execute your marketing efficiently.

Really, there’s no down-side. Get started on your first campaign today!