Using Color in Web Design: Part 1

Oct 2, 2015


When it comes to website design, colors play an integral part to a cohesive layout. Colors have the power to draw attention, evoke emotion,

Using Color in Web Designand persuade others. Using color on your web page is more than just a visual choice, but rather a strategic placement of parts into a cohesive whole. Rather than simply choosing what “looks good”, we want to make sure you are choosing colors that help to achieve your overreaching goals. We’ve developed 3 key things to keep in mind when turning your website into a crafty and creative colorful creation.

Using Color in Web Design

Compatibility, contrast, and character are all important things to keep in mind when developing a good color scheme for your website. You must take into consideration your company’s target audience and apply colors that appeal to them, and are intriguing to them. The colors that you choose to implement have significant meaning in more way than one, and are representative of your company as a whole. Let’s take a look.

1. Compatibility

Choosing colors that are compatible together ultimately contributes to the harmony or flow of your website. All elements should flow together seamlessly. Be cautious when using drastic color combinations. It’s okay to use color! Just be sure to be selective when picking your rainbow.

2. Contrast

Contrast is extremely important when trying to emphasize certain aspects over others on your site. If there are key points or deals that you wish to convey to your viewer, make sure you are choosing colors that are complementary of one another. The color of your text and your website’s background color must stand out from each other. Making things easy for your consumer to read is imperative. If you have a dark background, it is probably a wise decision to use a lighter colored text or vice versa.

3. Character

The colors that you decide to use on your website hold different levels of meaning in different countries or regional locations. The colors you choose represent the character of your company and your brand as a whole. The color red is representative of several things; energy, passion, confidence, and action. Here at RedMoxy we are passionate about using our team, time, and talents! We have the character and determination to help you succeed. Rest assured, RedMoxy will deliver a web design process far exceeding anything you’ve experienced before in terms of service, communication, value, and product.

Using Color in Web Design