Using Emojis in your Marketing Mix

Oct 27, 2015

Using Emojis in your Marketing Mix

Communication in a digital age is very complex. At the heart of any effective communication strategy is the relationship. There is the business to consumer relationship, consumer to consumer relationship , and the list goes on. One of the reason emojis have become increasingly popular is because of the sheer simplicity of expressing the perosona of human emotion through one small image. When incorporating emojis into your marketing mix, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Using Emojis in your Marketing Mix

There are a few key things to keep in mind when using these icons in your marketing mix. We’ll keep it short and simple, sticking to the integrity of the emoji community.

Keep it Positive

When using emojis, it is best to keep your message a positive one. Using emojis to convey a serious message may diminish the integrity of your message and send mixed signals to your receiver. If you intend to elicit a response from your audience that evokes serious emotion or fear appeals, use other methods. Emojis should be used to supplement lighthearted messages.

Keep it Clear Using Emojis in your Marketing Mix

Do not overwhelm your audience with a multitude of emojis. Choose one or two and keep it simple. Using too many emojis can distort the clarity of the messag you are trying to convey.

Be Timely

Utilizing key emojis during pivotal events or times can greatly increase the appeal of your marketing message. Holidays, worldly events, or sporting events are great examples of this.

Elicit a Respsonse

You can utilize emojis to help elicit a response from your audience. Be sure to accompany your emojis with a call to action or a hashtag. This can be great for certain campaigns on Twitter. Emojis are all about emotion. Targeting your key audience and knowing what emotion you wish to get in response to your marketing mix will help you do so.

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Using Emojis in your Marketing Mix