Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool for your Business

Sep 21, 2015

Just because your business may be on multiple social media platforms, does not necessarily mean that you are headed in the right direction.

Using Twitter as  a Marketing Tool for your Business

Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool for your Business

A lot of the time, media management might get pushed to the back of the shelf, only to collect dust and cobwebs. Using Twitter has several different components in order to make it a successful marketing tool. If you are using Twitter, it is important to make your presence known. Here’s how.

 Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool for your Business

If you have decided to broadcast your business via Twitter (hopefully so), then you should be aware of the important components that go into taking your account from being a passive one, to an active one.

     1. Tweet Regularly

This is essential to making your presence known! If you do not tweet, people will have a much more difficult time navigating to your profile or company’s website. Tweeting on a frequent basis also establishes credibility. It shows that your business is on top of the ball, and up to date with current events within your industry.

      2. Perfect your Twitter Bio

The Bio is one of the first things that viewers will see when they go to your page. If they have never heard of you before this may be your one and only chance to draw their attention and sell yourself before they decide to navigate elsewhere. If you do not have the link to your company’s website included in your Twitter Bio, fix it, and soon!                                                                     Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool for your Business

      3. Follow, Favorite, and Retweet

Once again, this goes hand in hand with being an active Twitter user. Following business similar to yours can help to engage your social media presence. The more follows you have, the more people will be seeing your name and content once retweeted! Favorites have powerful potential as well, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and interact with others.

      4. Mentions

Speaking of putting yourself out there, you want to be sure to track mentions of your company on social media. If someone has raving reviews about your product or service, share! Customer testimonials are one of the most influential factors in persuading potential buyers. However, If you happen to have an unsatisfied customer, it is important to address the customer’s concern as soon as possible to ensure that negative stimulus is not circulating the internet surrounding your business.

      5. Twitter is for #Hashtags

Learn more about how to Hashtag your Business HERE

      6. Picture Perfect

When it comes to twitter, sometimes it may be difficult to get your point across in 140 characters or less. When using pictures or videos on Twitter, users become automatically more engaged, and they are provided with a visual stimulus to remember your company by.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool can be more time consuming than expected.

If you’re looking for a refined and targeted strategy for using social media as a marketing tool for your business, you need the right partner. Let’s talk about your social media needs.


Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool For your Business

Using Twitter as Marketing Tool for your Business