Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

Nov 28, 2018

A few of our previous blogs touched on the importance of using social media for a business. It’s not always as simple as taking a picture once per day and uploading it to different sites but instead should involve a level of planning and research. One of the most popular social media platforms that’s taken off in the last five years or so is Twitter. Before clicking the link, you’ve probably already had a good idea of what Twitter is and how it works, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to boost your Twitter presence. Read on to discover how your manufacturing business can make use of Twitter and generate success in your market.

Come Up with Your Baseline

Your first step in building success using Twitter is to come up with similar content that you upload consistently. Perhaps this occurs daily or twice a week. Give consumers a tip every Monday on how to fix something by themselves or give them brief updates once per week on your upcoming product launch. Even a consistent inspiration quote can go a long way. This doesn’t need to involve your marketing team performing intensive research but rather is a great way of developing a constant connection to your audience. Even if they happen to scroll past your content, you’ve still made contact.

Twitter can help your business take off

Ask Questions

Many times, consumers, and specifically your target audience, may feel overwhelmed in their news feed because it has become cluttered with irrelevant content and irritating advertisements. You can combat this by creating approachable posts. Post questions like “Are you satisfied with our new product?” “What improvements would you like to see made?” Find out what members of your audience say and respond to each one as necessary. The key is to remain relatable, so the consumer doesn’t feel intimidated or hesitant to reach out.

Think “Video”

Search engines and major social media platforms have developed ways to put the most important or valuable content before anything else. For more on SEO and why every business should look into it, click here. Video has become key to many successful social media campaigns because it is seen as more engaging than just strict text. A picture is great, but again, it is tough to capture a photo that can be as inspirational as even a short video. Shoot a three-minute clip of an employee going about his daily work or post a video explaining new industry trends. Additionally, keep in mind that graphics and charts can be eye-catching. Consumers are busy and may not spend a great deal of time on Twitter, so displaying information that’s quickly digestible works best.

Emphasize Retweeting

You may notice that your page followership is lower than you’d like it to be for your business’s Twitter page. That’s okay – hang onto the ones who have subscribed, engage them, and encourage them to retweet. Great posts for retweeting include videos or upcoming sales. This is a cost-effective way of recommending your business to non-followers. Instead of telling your loyal followers to go out of their way to tell someone about your business, all they have to do is click to retweet, and you’ve expanded your reach even if just a couple of consumers follow through.

Reach Out to Us

Effective social media usage is critical in 2018, and Twitter is a great platform to break into. If you’re looking to build your business through social media or are searching for ways to improve, reach out to us at RedMoxy. We have the knowledge and expertise to help businesses thrive online and offer expert website development support. Click here or call (262) 303-4238.