Video Marketing: The Rising Marketing Method

Mar 31, 2022

In the digital age, you not only need relevant content, rather, you also need to present that content in a relevant and exciting way. Videos are one of the most effective ways to effectively communicate content. Many customers may be intimidated by large blocks of text or confusing instructions, but a video provides a format that can easily explain information in an easy-to-consume manner. Below are three reasons why video marketing is the rising marketing method.

Easy-to-Consume Information

How can video marketing present information with ease?

Ever since the pandemic started, videos have risen in their popularity. From scrolling through Instagram reels and TikTok to searching videos on YouTube, video consumption has skyrocketed. This influx is why many companies are utilizing videos in their marketing strategies. How, then, should you integrate videos in your own marketing strategy?

To start, find the most important information you want to communicate to your public. Creating a video of the information may help you better reach that audience along with pulling in new customers. If you have complicated information to communicate, consider making a video of an expert explaining the concepts. The combination of visuals and sound that videos bring can make the information easier for viewers to digest. However, make sure that when you use videos that you do not go overboard in video content and that you maintain your brand image throughout any video you create.

Different Types of Videos Available

How can video marketing open up different communication opportunities?

“Videos” is a broad category. There are multitudes of video types you can utilize to communicate with your target publics. Your organization will determine what types of videos you choose to make. Types of videos range from informational and tutorial to interviews, brand, and live videos. Whatever information you want to communicate, a video will most likely work to convey it.

Videos of interviews can create credibility for your organization while also bringing in more potential customers. When deciding if interviews work with your brand, you need to decide if there is relevant information to be communicated. Interviewing an expert in your field can build that credibility and bring in those who value that expert’s opinion. 

Live videos have also grown in popularity through the rise of social media. Live videos allow viewers to feel more involved with your content. These types of videos work perfectly for events. This way, people who could not make it to your event can still feel involved from wherever they may be. Instagram and Facebook live are two of the most used platforms for live videos. The platform you use will depend on your audience. So, if you are targeting a younger population Instagram will work well, but if you are targeting an older generation then Facebook live will be the best option. Take a look at Alicia Collins and Megan Conley’s “The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing” at HubSpot to learn more about implementing videos in your marketing strategy.

Effective for SEO 

How can video marketing boost my SEO?

Video marketing can also help boost your search engine optimization, or SEO. This happens as your video content will draw in more quality traffic that will ultimately boost your overall ranking. So then, how do you use SEO in videos?

Similar to any other form of content, using SEO for videos centers around keywords. Analyze the keywords you already use for your website. If you have a video on one of your web pages, make sure the keyword and the content for that video align. If your videos are also available on YouTube, use keywords that match your site to draw viewers there. Check out Nicole Hallberg’s article, “Using Keywords in YouTube Videos: How to Get More Views,” at Moz to learn more about keywords for YouTube.

Videos are effective for communication and marketing. By integrating videos in your marketing strategy you will expand your communication methods as well as your consumer base. Want to learn more about video marketing? RedMoxy is here to help! Contact us here to learn more.