Video Marketing: YouTube Vs. TikTok

Oct 11, 2022

Videos have become one of the most popular content forms on social media. Not only do videos lend themselves to creative content, but they also typically receive more engagement than written or visual content. With this, there are multiple social media platforms that facilitate this type of content. Although, there are two that stand out the most: YouTube and TikTok. Both platforms excel in receiving engagements and reaching niche audiences. However, both platforms have their differences and strengths that will help you settle the debate of YouTube vs. TikTok for video marketing.

YouTube Vs. TikTok: Audience

When deciding whether to use YouTube or TikTok (or even both), you need to consider your target audience. Both platforms have the ability to reach a wide range of people. However, each platform will still have a demographic that they reach easier.

YouTube Audience

YouTube has been a powerhouse in the social media realm for a number of years and continues to be today. In Erin Rodrigue’s article, “YouTube vs. TikTok: Which Is Better for Your Business in 2022?,” at HubSpot she discusses the popularity of YouTube. According to Rodrigue, there are over two billion people who watch YouTube with a variety of age ranges. This makes YouTube perfect for reaching your target audience as it is highly likely they will frequent YouTube.

TikTok Audience

While TikTok has not been around as long as YouTube or has as large of a following base, it is quickly gaining traction. If you are targeting Gen Z or Millenials, then TikTok is the right platform for you. The short-form content catches attention easily and holds it as well. Also, don’t totally throw out the possibility of using TikTok to target those in the older generations. While TikTok may not be as popular for them as YouTube is, according to Rodrigue, there has been substantial growth in users in the age range of 35 and 54 years old.

YouTube Vs. TikTok: Content Forms and Types

Now, the difference in content forms is pretty obvious between YouTube and TikTok. YouTube is renowned for its long-form content. However, it has also started featuring “Shorts” which are 15-second videos so users can get their short-form video fix on YouTube as well. In contrast, TikTok solely focuses on short-form content, which according to Rodrigue, is the most effective format on social media in 2022. Besides the form of content, the type of content also varies between YouTube and TikTok.

YouTube Content

YouTube’s long-form content capability lends itself to informational and relationship-building content. By having more time to communicate, you can start conversations or share information more effectively than in a short-form video. This is especially the case in B2B. Having the time to give an in-depth tutorial will be more helpful and engaging to your audience than a 15-second video could do. While you still want to be concise in your messaging, having the time to build the conversation will allow you to foster better relationships with your target audience.

TikTok Content

TikTok content needs to be short and sweet. You need your content to be direct, focused and trendy to be successful on TikTok. Try taking part in challenges or using trending music for your videos. Following trends can be an easy and effective way to grow your audience base. By focusing your content, you can make sure that your key messages are coming across. While you have limited time, by being creative and insightful, you can engage with your audience well.

Now, there is no clear winner in the debate of YouTube vs. TikTok. However, by considering your target audience and the form and types of content, you can decide which platform will work best for your company. Also, don’t be afraid to test out both! You may be surprised by the number of engagements you receive and may find the perfect platform to reach your target audience.

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