[Video] RedMoxy Minute: What Is Alt Text?

Aug 27, 2018

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone! Welcome back to our channel. Today I have a RedMoxy Minute for you; today’s subject is: “What is Alt text?”

Alt text is the text that accompanies every photo on your website, and, since today’s websites are full of imagery, there’s an opportunity for a lot of Alt text here. Alt text tells what the subject matter of that image is for two purposes:

1. So that visually impaired people know what the image is about even without being able to see it.

2. That’s the piece that Google’s robots read to know what the subject matter is.

So, why does Alt text matter for you? Well, if you’re concerned about SEO, this is a good opportunity to work in your keywords into the Alt text so that Google can find more keywords throughout your website.

Thanks for joining me for another RedMoxy minute. We’ll see you next time!

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