Waukesha Web Design: A Closer Look

Web design is definitely not a one step process. There are several components that go into creating a true masterpiece…that is, one beautifully crafted web site. Through the brainstorming, design, development, testing, and launch, one thing remains absolutely necessary; attention to detail. At RedMoxy, we have created several websites to help you improve how you do business. The RedMoxy web design process is one that we’ve nearly formulated down to a science. We have continuously refined our skills in going through this process and routine, and have become true Waukesha Web Design Experts as a result. You’re in  luck, because today we are more than thrilled to help you understand the thought process behind why we do what we do.

Waukesha Web Design: A Closer Look

At the heart of every successful outcome, there is a starting point. Here at RedMoxy, we would like to call this our discovery, or brainstorming stage. Having a clear goal in mind is necessary to start the design process off right. In order to successfully achieve a desired outcome, one must first clearly identify what that will be. We want to make sure that we have a good grasp on what you want the feel of your website to be. Because of this, our RedMoxy team develops a site map of all of the pages for your site. Think of this as your foundations road map. Not all of the details are set into place quite yet, but major landmarks are clearly established with a general sense of direction acquired.

Now that we have acquired a general consensus of what we want to achieve, we get to dive right in to the design process, our favorite part! Our team design a couple of options for you to choose from. We love feedback. This is something that is essential to the RedMoxy process. Not only do we want to get it right, we want you to 100 percent LOVE what we come up with. The editing process is like running a fine tooth comb through your website. We change and tweek until we get the okay.

At RedMoxy, we would like to consider the development phase the part where we bring your website to life. How exciting! The web design

Waukesha Web Design: A Closer Lookfinally becomes a full functioning site. We accomplish this by giving you a beta link to play around with the various pages, forms, databases, etc. of your new site. Most people can’t wait to get behind the steering wheel of their brand new car. Similarly, this phase is one of the most thrilling because you finally get the chance to navigate your new site. 

Like any new car on the market, we are sure to test drive your website. Once again, feedback is critical, attention to detail comes into play once again. Revisions, revisions, revisions. Need I say more?

Our team is just as thrilled as you are to hit the gas pedal and drive your new site. Launching the new site is the culmination of our collaborative efforts.  The process, yes, is long and detailed, but the outcome could not be in more pristine condition. Ready, click, enjoy!

At RedMoxy ,we want to ensure that you are reaping the most benefits from your website, including enhanced Search Engine Optimization on Google, enhancing your company credibility, and directing an increased flow of traffic to your site. Want to get started? Your Waukesha Web Design experts are ready to help.

Waukesha Web Design: A Closer Look