Waukesha Web Design from Start to Finish

Jun 20, 2016

Taco Bell and the Great Marketing ExperimentsFrom the beginning stages of mapping out a site map, to the final stages of running SEO tests and preparing for site launch, designing websites is a fun endeavor, no matter what industry we’re designing for. We handle Waukesha web design from start to finish, beginning with a blank canvas and ending with a beautifully-designed and highly efficient final product. Want to know what goes into a RedMoxy web design process? Read on. 

Waukesha Web Design from Start to Finish

What goes into a Waukesha web design? Strategic planning. A world-class site map. Exceptional imagery. The perfect font. Powerful headlines. Stunning visuals. Strong copy. Clickable CTAs. A practical path for visitors to follow. User-friendly functionality. We could go on and on…

Generally speaking, though, there’s a simple five-step process that we follow with each web design and web redesign. The five-steps to website success are: discovery, design, development, testing, launch.

1. Discovery

This is the first stage of the website redesign process. It’s a stage of meeting together, talking through goals and ideas for the new site. Here at RedMoxy, we try to understand what you’re really looking for in the site.

We’ll also develop a site map outlining all of the pages you envision for the website. It’ll give you a better sense of how the site will function even before we hand you a design.

2. Design

After the Discovery stage comes the Design stage. This is the fun part! We’ll design some options and show you the comps. Then, we watch for your feedback. We’ll change an aspect of your design, show you the new comp, and use your feedback to change another aspect of your design. Once we have the final “OK,” it’s off to stage 3…

3. Development

This stage is when the flat, static website design becomes a functioning website. We’ll give you a Beta link to play around with the various pages, forms, databases, etc. of your new site, and once that’s perfect, the site is ready to launch.

4. Testing

In this step, you can kick back your heels and relax. We’re working out the final kinks so that we can move on to step 5…

5. Launch

It’s ready! We hit that big red button and launch your new website. The web design project is officially finished.

The RedMoxy web designers create websites that improve how you do business. From attracting site visitors to ushering leads through your sales cycle, from improving your ranking on Google and other major search engines, to establishing your blog as the expert source in your industry, the process begins with the Waukesha web design team, RedMoxy Communications.