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A website is like a new car, it can look great but it still needs gas

Most of our clients looking to develop new websites or have their websites redesigned have a decent idea of what they’re looking for.

However, when we really start to dig into the process with them, they’re often struggling for the right words or description to provide an answer they’re happy with. We’ve decided to provide a general overview of the type of questions you might want to begin preparing for as you embark on the process of picking a Waukesha web design resource. Hopefully, this can help you focus your thoughts around what you want this new website design to look like, function like, and accomplish for your Waukesha company or organization.

Great questions to answer before building your website

While we’ve tried to keep these questions a little on the general or generic side, they’ll still serve a useful purpose in helping you understand what you want your design team to know before they start redeveloping your website. In general, they’ll be answer one of two different high-level ideas; 1. What should your new website do? and 2. What should your new website look like?.

    1. Briefly describe your organization (maybe a few paragraphs).
    2. What makes your organization unique? Why do customers choose you over your competition?
    3. What is special about your experience that makes you better than others in your industry or space?
    4. Why do you feel now is a good time for a new website?
    5. Why do you want a new website?
    6. Describe your ideal customer or ideal audience for your website. Items such as age, gender, B2B/B2C, interests, and more are appropriate here. The more, the better.
    7. What is your budget for the website design project?
    8. How will this site be used? Will you want to manage it in-house or will you want someone to manage it for you?
    9. What is the timeline for this new website development project?
    10. List 3-10 other websites you like. Pay attention to what features you like about each website.
    11. What websites are the strongest among your competitors and what makes those websites strong (and weak)?
    12. Do you need your content re-written, will you be writing in-house or having an expert do that for you?
    13. What keywords, phrases would you like to show up for on search engines?
    14. What forms and communication capabilities will you want your website to feature (Chat, contact, signup, etc.)?

Thinking through and being able to answer most of these questions will allow you to enable your new Waukesha website design team to give you exactly what you need and want.

Ready to start this process? Let’s find some time to talk. Our web design experts are eager to start the process with you.

We’re from Waukesha, WI and we’re located in Delafield. While we often receive projects from many other states, we love working with our local, Waukesha marketing clients.

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