Ways to Grow Your Company’s Social Media Reach

May 4, 2015

Ways to Grow Your Company's Social Media ReachWe talk a lot about social media around here on the RedMoxy blog, but that’s for good reason – it’s a great resource for your company, whether your platform du jour is Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Tumblr. There’s always a way to improve your social media strategy, especially since the social media landscape changes so frequently. Today, we’re specifically focusing on social media reach. How can your company get its messaging out to more people on social media? We’ll walk through five ways to grow your company’s social media reach so that the powers of social media are used to your company’s advantage at an even greater level. Reach more people and more good will happen. 

Ways to Grow Your Company’s Social Media Reach

1. Monitor Social Media

The first step is to start monitoring. Do you know who is talking about your company? What are they talking about? How often do these social media conversations come up? An easy way to start monitoring is by setting up feeds on a resource like Hootsuite or HubSpot.

2. Segment Your Audience

Don’t just monitor social media; segment your audience, too. Once you’ve got a strong grasp on who talks about what (who is a big supporter of your company? who has many complaints? who is an influencer?), you can use the information to send out highly-targeted social messages.

3. Identify Ways to Join the Conversation

Listen. What conversations are going on around you? Is there a way you can join in, naturally? Remember to become a part of the conversation that they are already having. The wrong way to join the conversation is to insert yourself and your company into conversations where you don’t fit in.

4. Promote Your Content

This is the fun part! Share what you’ve already created. And another tip: play around with the way you promote your content. Does your audience prefer infographics or imagery? Or just a plain link? Try different ways of presenting the content to see which performs best with your listeners.

5. Demonstrate Excellent Customer Satisfaction

Leave visible evidence that your company is ready and willing to address issues. You want other social media users to see that you don’t shy away from complaints, but strive to provide excellent customer satisfaction.

These five ways to grow your company’s social media reach are not time-consuming, but they will make a difference in the long run. What ways have you thought of to grow a company’s reach on social? Share with us here.


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