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T-Lon Industries

Building the Best Websites for Manufacturers and Distributors

We’re experts in web design and development for manufacturing, industrial services and distributors. We’ve spent years honing and refining our approach to custom website design for manufacturers. Our aim has always been to present our client's product or service in its best light through the best technology, design and functionality. Our team understands how to highlight your unique message and approach through creative graphics, content & messaging and photography/video all targeted at driving new and repeat business through your site.

We’ve built many custom manufacturing and industrial websites such as:

Product Catalogs for Manufacturing Websites

Product Catalogs

Whether your product list is large or small, every manufacturer benefits from a strong and effective product catalog. RedMoxy offers intuitive and clean catalog interfaces with powerful features such as custom filtering and strong e-commerce capabilities. Impress your customers and gain their loyalty with our feature-rich custom catalogs for your products.

Resource Libraries for Manufacturing Website Design

Resource Libraries

Impressing your prospects and website visitors requires more than photos and messaging. Establishing yourself as a manufacturing leader in the industry you serve means providing the resources and documents needed to allow your customers to use your products well. RedMoxy’s custom resource libraries serve manufactures with a strong and easy to update tool.

Materal Specialist Content for Manufacturing Web Design

Material Specialists

Emphasize and highlight your expertise in materials knowledge and selection by using our materials spec page templates. We craft a customized page template linking from your catalog to provide materials information and knowledge automatically.

Distributor Network Pages for Manufacturers Websites

Distribution Network

Manufacturers who sell regionally, nationally or globally understand the importance of a strong dealer and distributor tool for the website. Our custom location and dealer network pages provide interactive maps able to be filtered by region, state, country or any other combination needed.

Custom Content Written for Manufacturing Web Design

Customized Content

Our copywriters dive deep into your offering to understand what makes your company different and what makes your product or offering superior to the rest. Our content development process ensures that your new website content and messaging will drive new leads and offer the right tools to convert them.

Your next step could be the difference between a low-performance, same-old website and a dynamic, game-changing industry website.

“RedMoxy delivered our best year so far. They dramatically improved our SEO ranks for the keywords we targeted and substantially grew our traffic and quality leads, all while significantly reducing spam traffic and bad leads. Partnering with RedMoxy is a decision you won’t regret.”

Harrison Horan, Vice President of Banker Wire