Web Design Strategies for Manufacturers

Mar 5, 2018

Your website is the digital hub of your company. If your website looks off, people are going to get the wrong impression of your organization. You need your website and your company to propel each other forward. There are a few web design strategies that you can do to showcase the positive qualities of your company, and we are going to share them with you right now.

Web Design Strategies for Manufacturers

Test Your Site’s Load Time

There are few things that are direct contributors to your site’s bounce rate quite like load time. It only takes a few seconds for a site visitor to get impatient for information to load. Only seconds. Then, just like that the visitor is gone. And, you have to know that every time they jump off your site they are jumping onto your competition’s site.

Create Convenient Navigation

Navigation is another one of those major things you need to look into to make sure that you aren’t losing site visitors over something that you can fairly easily control. There are a couple of navigation things that you should be aware of. A fixed navigation bar (one that scrolls down with you) can be a good idea for some sites, but for sure there should be a nav bar on every web page. Other things you should ask yourself are:

  1. Can I easily return to the previous webpage?
  2. Are other relevant web pages suggested?
  3. Can I easily access the homepage?

If you aren’t sure if your navigation is up to snuff, test it as if you were a site visitor. You could also give a friend or colleague a list of items to search for on your site and see if that person can easily find them. If your site isn’t as search friendly as you’d like, a little web development can change that.

Use Clear Calls To Action

Web Design Strategies for Manufacturers -- RedMoxy CommunicationsEvery single web page you have should have clear CTAs so that site visitors can figure out exactly what you want them to do. If you want them to read your latest blog post, add a CTA. If you want them to check out a list of your products, add a CTA. They don’t have to be anything fancy, they just have to be there. And, they will make a huge difference for you in improvements in your bounce rate and click through rate.

Leave Negative Space

There are times when squeezing information on a page is useful. For example, if you only have a sticky note and you have to write down someone’s contact information. When it comes to your website, though, less is more. Information overload can push people away from your site because of overwhelm. Break up your content so that your site is skimmable. That way people can easily see the breadth of information you have to offer, instead of the depth. Put the depth on various web pages, not the home page.

Use High Quality Images

Pictures are worth more than 1000 words when it comes to your website. The perfect picture can break up blocks of text, show visitors what you can do, make your site’s content accessible to people who are not manufacturers and strengthen your brand all at once. High quality imagery is one of the most important things to have on your website in 2018, so don’t miss the boat on this. You can also use images to showcase the products and services that set your organization apart from your competition. Just be careful that your image sizes aren’t too large, or your site’s load time will take a drastic hit.

Showcase Client Work

If it is possible for you to do, it is a great idea to show off all the past manufacturing work that you have done. Perhaps you have a client that you created a solar powered engine for. That is a great story to share. The average Joe and Jane may not know why they need manufacturing in their life, or they may not understand what a manufacturer could do for them. By sharing pictures of past work that you have done, you are sparking ideas into the heads of potential consumers. Not bad for quick click and browse session through your site!

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