We’ll See These PR Trends in 2018

Jan 1, 2018

The line between PR and marketing is becoming more and more blurred as the use of technology continues to spread. As time goes on, we are likely to continue to see marketing and PR strategies mixed and mingled into a sort of integrated marketing strategy stew pot. Tactics that were used predominantly in social media marketing are seeing widespread use in blogs — and vise versa. There is no longer one right way to do marketing. Marketing has become a diverse culture with many different means to an end. Take a look at some of the PR trends that you will see in 2018 that make up this mixed bag of integrated marketing strategies.

Integrated Marketing Strategies and PR Trends in 2018

Content Marketing

With the rise in information available on the Internet, organizations have followed the trend by jumping on the train and sharing their own takes on situations, products, services, specialty topics and events. And, we should see this continue in 2018. There is great value in sharing original, helpful content with site visitors and followers. Content marketing is a great way to funnel new customers and clients through the lead generation process.

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Social Media Marketing

A strong social media presence is arguably more important than ever. Not only because of the benefits that social media marketing brings to branding and customer service, but also because social media is now linked to other forms of marketing as well. Social media marketing has now become a foundation and platform for more intricate marketing strategies, namely influencer and affiliate marketing.

Influencer Marketing & Affiliate Links

We are sure to see a rise in the prevalence of affiliate marketing in this new year. (If you are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, we’ve got you covered with the basics.) Currently, affiliate links are most often seen being used in social media posts or in blog posts. We will see this continue, especially in the social media world.

PR Trends in 2018 -- RedMoxy CommunicationsHere’s why: Consumers want to have a review of a product before trying it, and they are more trusting of those reviews if they come from people they trust. Makes sense, right? I mean, personally, it’s rare for me to buy anything new without checking reviews of that item beforehand. So, in response to this need, companies are looking to influencers to help them advertise their products and services. Influencers share social media posts or blog posts sharing their experiences using a product or service, and provide an affiliate link to that product/service. Customers get the convenience of a link that’s right there, and influencers get paid when their link is used in a purchase transaction.

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Digital PR

You should expect to see even more video marketing, use of GIFs and memes, and live streaming in 2018. Public relations strategies come in many different forms, and digital means carry substantial influence.


Good PR is going to be looking more and more personal as we head into 2018. As markets grow, companies need to brand themselves in a way that showcases how wonderful they are while still being genuine and real. Organizations with good customer service are often talked about and shared on social media, so we can expect to see a continued striving for a better customer service experience. Hooray!

Blogs are becoming more personal as well. With social media and blog posts becoming so “hand-in-hand,” there tends to be more personal sharing and storytelling happening online. And, this trend is not going to fade in 2018.

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Not all of these methods may work for you, and that’s okay. Keep plugging away at the strategies you are using, and try integrating some that are new to you when you can. Good luck to you all as you begin the new year! Our best wishes to you.