What Content Should I Create as a Manufacturing Company?

Aug 23, 2019

Content marketing builds your credibility as a company, grows your audience, and helps your customers. This seems great, right? It is! However, for certain industries, content marketing can be difficult to begin. For manufacturers, content marketing has the potential to really improve your marketing results, but it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what content to create for a manufacturing audience. This blog post will answer the question: what content should I create as a manufacturing company?

What Content Should I Create as a Manufacturing Company?

1) Videos

Most viewers would rather watch a video about a topic than read that same content. This is because videos combine visual and verbal content in a captivating way. Refer to this blog post about making marketing videos for extra information about video content. Videos provide a unique opportunity to showcase all the parts of your manufacturing company. For example, these various video ideas cover a range of topics:

  • Process video
  • Interview with customers or employees
  • Product explanation
  • Company update
  • Product update
  • Factory/machinery tour

Creating series of videos and posting consistently can build your video platform (YouTube) following.

2) Emails

Email campaigns allow for text tailored to customers. Customized greetings or special offers can engage your audience. Including the other forms of content you’re creating (videos, links to blog posts, infographics etc) will fill out your emails. You’ll want your emails, in the context of content marketing, to be informative and helpful, rather than focusing only on promotions.

3) Case studies

Case studies can inform your audience of your qualifications while giving them ideas for their own projects and needs. Include facts and concrete examples in these case studies. Case studies inform about what’s going on in your industry and what your company has done in the past. These testimonials act in an educational and a credibility-building manner.

4) Blogs

Blogs are a great way to create content. This is because you have control over what you’re writing, how you’re writing it, and who you’re writing to. This is a flexible way to produce content. In addition, blogging consistently can add to your thought leadership status.

5) State of the industry reports

To further build thought leadership, consider posting state of the industry reports. These reports not only benefit the readers in your industry, they will also benefit your own company’s knowledge. If you’re researching trends, events, and future movements, your company will be more informed and be able to stay ahead of the times.

6) Glossaries

Definitions and examples of your company and industry’s common terms eases the new-comer’s experience on your site. This can be a resource that others refer back to for months and years to come as well. This is because glossaries and guides are “evergreen content” (content that doesn’t expire in meaning or application).

7) Social media

Social media platforms can be used to distribute your content effectively. LinkedIn especially is a helpful professional site for content sharing. Creating posts on social media platforms allows your audience to easily come across your company’s content.

8) Infographics

Infographics are a way to visually present material. You can convert a blog post or website page into an infographic so it is engaging and easy to share. Infographic images are one of the most popular content to share online. The color and design elements can engage where a long text block might not. Consider recycling some of your blog posts or reports into a infographic to refresh the presentation.

9) Safety guidelines

In manufacturing, safety guidelines can be key. Posting safety guides for transportation, packaging, and use of your products gives your audience practical information of yours to refer to in the future.

10) Product comparisons

Product comparisons are downloadable sheets or website pages that compare one product to another. You can include comparisons between your own products or your could compare other companies’ products to your own. While not a fancy piece of content, these product comparisons can be an integral part in your audience’s buying process .

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