What is an Inbound Marketing Campaign?

Apr 27, 2015

a walkthrough on inbound marketing ebookOn our site, we’ve broken down what Inbound Marketing really is into its simplest form. As a quick overview, Inbound Marketing is creating content that visitors to your site want to read and then converting those visitors into happy customers. But perhaps that’s not enough information for you. Perhaps you’ve heard words like “inbound marketing campaign” and just the thought of it sends your pulse into a tizzy. Don’t worry – it’s not as complicated as all that. If you’re wondering “What is an Inbound Marketing Campaign?” keep reading. We’re answering that question today.

What is an Inbound Marketing Campaign?

A campaign is a specific marketing push, designed to coordinate all of your marketing channels around one single goal and message. For example: We have a new menu at our restaurant! Campaigns are run for a specific amount of time, usually four to six weeks. A clear end-goal is associated with an inbound marketing campaign.

When would you run an inbound marketing campaign?

We already gave one example of when you would run an inbound marketing campaign – when there’s a new menu at your restaurant and you want to drive visitors in to check it out. The point is, you should run a campaign on one topic for one, specific reason. Here’s a couple other reasons:

  • You are launching a new product or message platform.
  • You want to establish expertise on a particular subject (and you want to rank well for it in the search engines).
  • You are trying to persuade the public or change its opinion.

How is an inbound marketing campaign different from a regular campaign?

Humans have been running campaigns since the world started turning. Ad campaigns and email campaigns are the most typical type of marketing campaign, but they don’t take into account the numerous ways that people learn online. Inbound campaigns encompass many online channels and put a special emphasis on high-quality, valuable content.

To sum up, follow this checklist for a successful inbound marketing campaign:

  1. Identify your Campaign Audience
  2. Set Your Goals & Benchmarks
  3. Create Your Offers + Landing Pages
  4. Plan & Build Your Automation + Nurturing Flows
  5. Kick off your campaign with a targeted email
  6. Write a Blog Post
  7. Share on Social
  8. Add in long tail keywords
  9. Consider PPC
  10. Track your URLs
  11. Report your Results

This blog is just a quick summary of inbound marketing campaigns and is by no means extensive. We’ll dive into more detail in future posts, but, for now, check out www.HubSpot.com for more information on running inbound marketing campaigns.

Oh, and one last note, since we just can’t help ourselves. Here’s a tip to take with you into each and every inbound marketing campaign that you run: Keep your campaigns focused and powerful.

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