What NOT to Say: 5 Phrases Marketers Should Never Use

Nov 28, 2016

What Not to Say: 5 Phrases Marketers Should Never Use -- RedMoxy CommunicationsOne of the biggest mistakes a marketer can make is to put limitations on the reach of the organization. Doubt can hold you and your team back from opportunities that could have easily been seized. The commonly used phrases listed below are 5 such restrictions that marketers often put on themselves. Don’t make the same mistake! Learn what not to say with these 5 phrases marketers should never use:

What NOT to Say: 5 Phrases Marketers Should Never Use

1) “Think outside the box”

This phrase is nearly meaningless. Your “box” could be much larger or smaller than the person to whom you are offering this advice. Creativity cannot be turned on with the touch of a button. If a team member is looking for guidance on a project, be specific about the direction you would like them to move towards. This will ease the entire process. Your employees will understand exactly what you want, and you will get the desired product from their efforts.

2) “My customers do not have social media”

Are you sure? Your target audience may not be on all social media platforms, but factors such as age are not as significant as they used to be. Consumers of all ages have social media accounts, so do not be so quick to discount this opportunity.

3) “SEO is not that important”

Do you want customers to find you online? Then investing in search engine optimization is crucial. Most internet searchers do not make it past the first page. If your business does not appear anywhere the first page of search results, you are missing out on a great deal of online traffic to your website. Prominence online is becoming more and more important in the digital age of today.

4) “No one reads blogs”

Regularly posting blogs on your website is one of the best ways to boost SEO, which we have already established is essential for success online. Low readership does not equal failure. Based on the range of topics that your blogs discuss and the keywords inserted into them, your blogs will appear in a variety of searches and will direct traffic to your website. Aside from building brand awareness, blogging shows expertise in your field.

5) “Creating great content is too time consuming” 

Lackluster content will turn away customers that have made it as far as your website. This should be your worst nightmare, as this is very much in your control. Internet users appreciate content that is informative, visually pleasing, and easy to read. If your content feels uninspired or outdated, users will not venture any further. Thus, writing great content is well worth the time and effort. It has the power to influence consumer behavior, negatively and positively. Make a good first impression.

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