What this year’s Super Bowl commercials teaches us about target audiences

Feb 4, 2015

Perhaps you didn’t find the big game all that exciting, and you found yourself shushing friends and family who dared to talk during the commercials instead of during the game. That was us, too. But this year’s Super Bowl commercials were…different. We saw less humor this year and more sentimentality. We saw less macho and more motivation. So, what does that mean for you and your company?

If advertising is a reflection of what society wants to see (of course, it’s always an argument as to whether it actually reflects it accurately or not), then today’s people want to instill more values in their viewing. We’re tired of the same old GoDaddy commercials. We want more Dove #RealStrength campaigns. We want family values. How do you take what the advertisers have done and capitalize on it for your own company? What can you learn about your target audience from watching this year’s Super Bowl commercials?

What this year’s Super Bowl commercials teaches us about target audiences

1. Provide Value

The best ads on Sunday were the ones that focused on yes, entertaining, but also getting out information to their clients. Love her or hate her, Kim Kardashian got the point across: T-Mobile is out to save the data.

2. Humor is still relevant

Okay, we don’t just want family values. We want humor, too. Case and point – the success of this Snickers ad.

3. Focus on the Family

Dove’s #RealStength ad had the “aw” factor and a meaningful message, making it an advertising success, both when it originally came out (last Father’s Day) and this past Sunday.

4. Focus on the positives

Just look at McDonald’s “Pay with Lovin'” commercial if you need proof of focusing on the positive. We don’t want Doom and Gloom; we want a to be happy.

5. The “Aw” Factor

Don’t forget about it. The commercials that draw you in, the ads that make you stop what you’re doing and pay attention…those are the winners, over and over again.


Which of these ads do you think hit their target audience the best? Which commercial will you try to emulate as you reach out to your own target audience?

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