What to do when Social Media is not working for you

May 8, 2015

What to do when Social Media is not working for you

Don’t despair – we’ll help you through what to do when social media is not working for you…

There’s probably something more frustrating than putting time and effort into your social media platforms and then seeing nothing come of it, but right now we can’t think of what that might be.

If you can’t figure out what to do when social media is not working for you, read on. We’ll help you through it right now.

What to do when Social Media is not working for you

Unfortunately, there’s not one cookie-cutter answer for why your social strategy isn’t working. You’re going to have to do a little trial and error to figure out what’s going on and how to fix it.

Are you on the right social platform?

Check out your social platform. Perhaps you’re not on the right one. Have you tried out Pinterest? Google+? Tumblr? LinkedIn? Maybe your audience isn’t on or interested in Twitter. Maybe you should try something new. Look at your target audience and study trends in demographics and age for each platform. Reference this infographic from Ad Week’s Social Times as a guide.

Industry Trends

You may also want to check out your industry trends when deciding a social platform. For example, cooking and dining is big on Pinterest, so it’s almost a no-brainer to be on this platform if you’re in one of those industries.

Types of Posts

Test out different types of posts. Maybe you should try humorous posts, if you haven’t already, or motivational. Try polls, links, images, paid ads. Test out posting at different times of day. You might find that your audience is only engaged very early in the morning, before work hours. Or, more likely, they’re engaged in the evenings after work. Try it all, and pay attention to what gets the most interaction.

Then, capitalize on that interaction! Pay attention to your loudest fans—those who consistently comment, like, retweet, share, etc. Post what they’ve taken an interest in, and you’re likely to see an uptick in overall interaction.

Remember our previous post about how a watched pot never boils? We’re calling that theme into mind here, too. It’ll take time to build up an audience, so don’t despair and throw in the towel yet. Pay attention to your analytics and prepare for the long haul. Don’t focus on a popular platform just because it’s popular—focus on what works for you and your demographic and your industry. Because, after you’ve put in all your hard work, that’s where you’ll see engagement.

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