B2B Companies: What to Focus on in Times of Change

Mar 11, 2020

B2B companies, what should we cling on to in times of change? Whether the change is a new business venture, a location change, a change in routine, or a change necessitated by things outside of our control, change and transition can be difficult. While life choices and life routines are up in the air, what should we, as business people, marketers, and manufacturers, focus on? Today, we’ll explore B2B companies: what to focus on in times of change. Before you begin, it’s helpful to note that this is not a comprehensive to-do list. These are simply four things to focus on that have helped others in the past when going through times of uncertainty.

B2B Companies: What to Focus on in Times of Change

Focus on your company’s values.

When things are uncertain, it’s helpful to re-focus and remember the why behind your company. Now—this is a little deep—but bear with me for a minute. Take a moment in your busy day to write down the goals and purposes of your job, company, and industry. This is the time to remember the big-ticket items that are the most important (and yet are the ones we sometimes forget about). These sorts of things are the long-term plans, the big goals, the overall reason your company or job exists. Keep these big-picture concepts in mind as day-to-day functions and routines might be changing. When making decisions, compare your options against the goals and purposes that you just outlined.

Focus on technology.

While sometimes we, as humans, mistrust technology (think about all the movies made where technology turns against us), this is the time to really embrace technology and lean on it. All those apps on our phones that we’ve forgotten about? Now’s the time to use them: consider using Zoom for meetings, Marco Polo for catching up with friends/workmates, and platforms like Slack for up-to-date communication.

Focus on communication.

When things are changing, sometimes we don’t like to talk about it. However, embracing communication and connection is ever important. On top of the emotional ramifications, the productivity of your company will rely on communication. Clear communication is a key aspect throughout times of transition. Even if you think your email, text, or call is clear enough, read it over one more time. If you have clients and connections who are asking questions and needing guidance, make sure you’re getting back to them within a reasonable period. Drop them a line saying you’re working on “xyz” so they know you’re on top of it. Keep the communication channels open and moving as much as you can.

Focus on boundaries.

This may seem counterintuitive to what I just said, but boundaries can work beautifully hand-in-hand with communication. During working hours, embrace communication. This includes clearly communicating about what you can and can’t do. Whatever change your company is going through will result in different limitations. Realize those boundaries that are around your work and think creatively about how you can use those to benefit your people and your company. After recognizing your limitations and boundaries, you can work around them, move past them, or clearly communicate about them with those who it concerns. In any time of transition, your limitations and boundaries will also be transitioning. No matter what kind of change is happening (big or small), new limitations and new boundaries are necessary.

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