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Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool for any brand. Unfortunately, too many companies under-utilize social media or misuse it and miss out on the potential windfall of new brand-cheerleaders and customer relationships that they could be developing.

An effective social media strategy doesn’t just maintain a Facebook account. Social media is constantly growing and evolving, and new channels and opportunities are always present.

Our goal using Waukesha social media marketing is to foster dialogue and ultimately engage with followers and industry networks. Most businesses know and understand that they need to be on social, but then find themselves constantly struggling to keep up with the demands that a full-level, conscious and targeted social media marketing plan requires.

It’s not just spur of the moment. It’s research.

A researched and properly strategized social media campaign places your specialized and custom-crafted knowledge, content and messaging directly in front of your company’s target audiences. Social media needs to be focused on the right channels for specific groups of prospects or customers. That’s why social media in the hands of experts can become the most powerful producer of all your marketing efforts. Social can deliver leads by the ton, with a full suite of contextual and personalized information to boot. Sales teams fight for those types of leads.

Social media marketing can also be a powerful boosting mechanism for your company’s SEO. Google and other search engines are beginning to place value on the level of engagement that brands and posts have on social media sites. Social marketing can provide much-needed ranking increases to pages, content and websites that are well-followed and whose content is shared and retweeted the most.

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A Refined Strategy

If you’re looking for a refined and targeted strategy for your company’s social media audience, RedMoxy is the right partner. We go far beyond just managing a channel. We’ll put a plan in place to demolish your previously reported numbers from social. We’ll integrate your content publishing and website and give you a well-rounded social media approach that pays off in brand promoters, new customers and strong relationships.

Social media can do all this and more, but you need the right partner. Let’s talk about your social media needs.

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We’re from Waukesha, WI and we’re located in Delafield. While we’re always receiving projects from many other states, we love working with our local, Waukesha social media marketing clients.

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