What Will Social Media Be Like In 10 Years?

May 10, 2017

What Will Social Media Be Like in 10 Years?Technology never slows down. Every day it feels like there is a new innovation. Each time your iPhone updates, apps have new features and design. It is difficult to image how it will evolve in the years to come, but we can be sure that it will. Still, experts try to predict how it will effect both individuals and businesses in the next decade. Here is a sneak peek into what they think the future of social media marketing holds for us.

What Will Social Media Be Like In 10 Years?

Fans Will Have the Last Word 

“Going viral” has become a highly sought after phenomenon and a quick trip to fame. Fans will determine the content that business create, because they want to please their fans. This concept is related to influencer marketing. If a company can gain favor with or attract the attention of an influential individual, their visibility rises exponentially. People follow their “idols” religiously, racing out to buy the lipstick that celebrity wore to the awards show last night. This form of influential marketing happens on on a range of scales, whether it is within a professional field or in reference to a celebrity. While fans will not directly create content, they certainly will dictate what topics and products are considered “cool.”

One Platform Will Take Over

MySpace used to be all the rage. Did it stick around? No. Social media outlets will rise and fall. Already we see some shifting. Facebook is used by slightly older generations and is effective for businesses. However, younger generations such as those in their teens and early twenties believe Facebook to be outdated. Instagram is now used for both interaction with their peers and for following their favorite brands. Twitter is used by this group because of its short format and casual style of conversation. In 10 years, a new platform may have taken over. Or, Instagram could be the new king of social media.

Responses Will Be Computerized 

Social media is supposed to be social, right? Many consumers use social media outlets to contact companies with their questions, concerns, and complaints. It might be easier for them than a more traditional route, such as calling or emailing customer service. As more consumers choose this “easy” route, companies will become overwhelmed, turning to computer generated responses. This removes the personal touch of social media. When businesses first began to use social media, they felt that it humanized them and allowed them to connect with people.

Virtual Reality Technology Will Advance 

Virtual reality has taken the gaming world by storm. While the technology has not become part or daily tasks or the workplace, it may in the future. Currently, there are only a few models. This will change in the future as the technology is further explored. Social media has become centered around visuals. The only way for it to become more visual than it is now is through the creation of virtual realities.

Buckle up for the ride!