What you can expect in a website redesign process

Feb 20, 2015

digitalstrategyDo you consider yourself a decisive person? When you’re in a group of friends, you know the directions to the new restaurant you’re about to try, and you don’t hesitate leading the caravan. Deciding on a new refrigerator came easy when you redid your kitchen. Even deciding where to spend Christmas each year is a breeze.

And then, you decide to update your company’s website. Now, suddenly, there’s tons of decisions to make, and you’re not just thinking for yourself anymore. You have to consider which design best fits your demographic, which will get them interested in the site, which will best present your content as reliable.

It’s OK. It’s not as hard as all that. Here’s what you can expect in a website redesign process so that when the time comes, you’ll know exactly what to expect.

 What you can expect in a website redesign process

1. Discovery

This is the first stage of the website redesign process. It’s a stage of meeting together, talking through goals and ideas for the new site. Here at RedMoxy, we try to understand what you’re really looking for in the site.

We’ll also develop a site map outlining all of the pages you envision for the website. It’ll give you a better sense of how the site will function even before we hand you a design.

2. Design

After the Discovery stage comes the Design stage. This is the fun part! We’ll design some options and show you the comps. Then, we watch for your feedback. We’ll change an aspect of your design, show you the new comp, and use your feedback to change another aspect of your design. Once we have the final “OK,” it’s off to stage 3…

3. Development

This stage is when the flat, static website design becomes a functioning website. We’ll give you a beta link to play around with the various pages, forms, databases, etc. of your new site, and once that’s perfect, the site is ready to launch.

Each step of web design comes with checks and rechecks. This is a simplified look at what you can expect in a website redesign process, but these three main stages stay the same every time.

See, it really isn’t so bad, is it?

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