What’s the Cost? 5 Costs of Running a Great Manufacturing Website

May 31, 2019

Many websites and blogs have lists of important things to think about when running a website, from design choices to advertising campaigns. Manufacturing websites in particular need to be clear and engaging for potential customers to learn about your business. The 5 costs of running a great manufacturing website covered in this article are key to think about when running your website. 5 costs of running a great manufacturing website are design, visual content creation, text content creation, advertising, and Search Engine Optimization. The first three costs are website startup and upkeep related. The last two costs mentioned here cover services to get people onto your amazing manufacturing website. I, and many others before me, found that there’s no use in having a spectacular website if no one else can find it. All 5 creation and marketing costs are important for running a successful manufacturing website.

5 Costs of Running a Great Manufacturing Website

Domain and design

When starting or re-vamping a manufacturing website, the basics are an essential investment. Securing a domain name is important so that your potential customers recognize your website. Creating a strong design for your website allows potential customers to find the information they want easily. Clear design, visuals, and text showcase your company and convey strong business knowledge. These design startup costs are significant, yet are an investment into the future of your manufacturing business.

Visual content creation

Content marketing costs are a major part of running a successful manufacturing website. Manufacturing websites need to show strong visual content—both pictures and videos. Creating videos that explain products with examples shown visually allows potential customers to see your products up-close and personally. Seeing products for themselves makes other businesses more likely to contact your business. The costs for creating images for marketing varies by the content. A long video that includes production and editing costs costs more than a simple picture to upload next to a product description.

Text content creation

Writing content like blog posts or articles that relate to your products and services allows potential customers to see that you know what you’re doing. Blog content includes answers to frequent customer questions, information about your industry, and/or updates on your business. Whatever you’re writing about, blogs and articles show that you are active online. As a result, your potential customers see a connected and current business. In addition—practically speaking—these blogs and articles also increase traffic on your site by upping the internet search results of your site. This written content could be a higher cost, as some writers charge per word. However, some marketing agencies also provide writing services.


Another cost of a great manufacturing website focuses on advertising to lead people to your website. One solid advertising option is pay per click advertising (PPC). PPC advertisements are those small ads along the top or side of the screen that you see on the results page when you search the internet. PPC is an inexpensive way to increase traffic on your site. This is due to the fact that you only pay for the advertisements when searchers click them. For specifics on how much to spend on these PPC ads, refer to this article on Google ads.

Search Engine Optimization

As we talk about frequently on this blog, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is integral in online marketing. When you optimize your website for searches, businesses will be more likely to find your website and consequently find your products. In fact, according to digital.com, “SEO is no longer optional. In fact, it is mandatory.” Setting up your website with strong SEO includes an upfront cost and then includes maintenance costs. Placing aside money to keep up the search optimization of your website keeps traffic coming to your website. Since it keeps potential customers coming to your website, this is a necessary service to factor into your website budget. When SEO is employed well by a marketing agency, your website will be higher on results for internet searches about your industry.

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