What’s your brand’s Tweet style?

Feb 6, 2015

What's your brand's tweet style?Are you tweeting? If you are, hopefully by now you’ve seen the importance of tweeting and the impact it can have for your company. An important aspect of making your tweets work harder for you is concocting your tweet style. We’ve talked in the past about the important of finding your voice and tone when you interact with an audience as your company. Concocting your tweet style is an important sub-topic of that same conversation of voice and tone.

Wondering where to start? Get a refresher here – we talked about mastering tone of voice in social media. And, if you just can’t get enough, continue reading here, where we talked about continuity of tone of voice when working with a team of bloggers.

But back to today’s topic – what’s your brand’s Tweet style?

Your Brand’s Tweet Style

Here are five different approaches your tweets can project. Use these examples to help you design your own blending of a tweet technique—you’re most likely to hit your target audience with a combination of these styles.

1. Humorous

Everyone loves to laugh. Make your audience laugh, whether in a response or in your own tweet, and they’ll remember it.

2. Educational

Help your audience make informed choices with your brand, if it’s in your power to do so.

3. Semi-promotional

Yes, you want to grow your brand through Twitter. No, you don’t want to away followers by being too promotional. Follow the 80/20 rule—only promote yourself 20% of the time.

4. Conversational

Respond to your followers! They’re more likely to keep engaging you and your brand when you do.

5. Opinionated

Be cautious with this one, too. No one wants to hear too much of any one opinion, but if you’re branding your non-profit or cause, this technique might work for you.

Try these out. See which tactic engages your audience the most, and then use the feedback to change your style accordingly. And repeat. Over and over again. Happy tweeting!

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