Who are your followers on social media?

Feb 13, 2015

Who are your followers on social media?

Breaking down the 4 social media archetypes via PRDaily.com

Keeping your audience engaged with your Facebook page is challenging enough, and then another infographic comes along (see right – click to view larger):

“A Meet & Greet With Yours Favorite Social Archetypes.” Wait…There’s classifications for followers?! Yep, but don’t let it freak you out. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power,” so use this information to help you connect with your followers. Figuring out who are your followers on social media isn’t as difficult or as time-consuming as you might think. Read these classifications of followers on social media and you’ll begin noticing tendencies amongst your own followers right away.

Who are your followers on social media?

If you’re lucky enough to have Key Influencers as your core group of followers, they’re basically doing your marketing for you. Give them interesting content, and they’ll be the ones spreading it for you, connecting your page to people you would never have been able to reach on your own.

Engagers are similar to Key Influencers in that they aren’t afraid to have a voice on Facebook. The difference, though, is the nature of their posts. As they are opinionated, you need to provide them with information that they’ll form an opinion on and, consequently, share with their audience. Your content needs to be meaningful for them to post it, but when they do, their community trusts and respects what is shared.

Multichannel Consumers are the ones that you’ll see in and around your business just as often as participating on social media. Make your social media as “lifelike” as possible—snap pictures while they’re in your business and post them in real time. Engaging them personally means they will be more likely to engage with you electronically, too.

Standard Consumers, the majority, mostly keep their opinions to themselves. They might laugh out loud at your post, but they won’t “Like” it. They prefer to engage with family and friends. Again, make your Facebook “lifelike.” Post pictures of and post about personal experiences, and they’ll be more likely to become engaged.

More than likely, your Facebook following includes a medley of these type of users. Vary your content, reaching out to each group. Pay attention to who interacts the most and target them to increase your reach.

And then, let us know how it goes.

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