Why Attend a Webinar?

Mar 13, 2017

In the busy world we live in, it’s hard to get everything done, let alone leave time for professional development. Enter: webinars. Webinars offer too-busy people the chance to educate themselves on any number of topics without taking a step outside the office. If you’re wondering “Why attend a webinar?”, read on. We’re about to explain why.

Why Attend a Webinar?

They’re educational. 

Obviously. That’s why you’re attending a webinar: to learn something new. If you’re not at an educational webinar, there’s no point in being there.

The cool thing about webinars is that you can find ones covering any topic under the sun. Want to learn about something outside of your industry? Now is the time. Want to become an expert on a niche in your industry? Here’s where to start.

They’re (usually) cost effective. 

Because the company putting on the webinar doesn’t need to rent a venue, pay for lunch or breakfast or snacks and engage speakers for the day, they’re usually much cheaper to attend than in-person professional development events.

Sometimes, they’re even free.

They’re convenient.

You don’t even have to leave your office! It doesn’t get any more convenient than that. There’s no need to factor in travel time or a break for lunch. Plus, when you register for a webinar, you generally receive the slide-deck after the webinar has finished. If you end up not being able to attend, you can always catch up on the main points later, on your own time.

You can even watch webinars on the go. With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, webinar content can be consumed from any train station, coffee shop or movie theatre across the nation. (OK – maybe not the movie theatre.)

They’re relevant to right now. 

Most in-person seminars take months of planning. In that time, the landscape of your industry has already changed. With webinars, however, the information is always relevant and timely. Webinars can deliver “hot topics” to the audience because they don’t require a long lead time.

Looking for your next webinar?

Have we convinced you? If you’re looking for your next webinar to attend, look no further. Here’s a list of great upcoming webinars:

Most of these webinars are this week or later, so clear your schedule and get your computer speakers ready. We’ll join you there!