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Helwig Carbon has been producing a full line of precision-machined carbon products for over 86 years and engages in collaborative relationships with its customers, employees and suppliers.

Helwig Carbon ships over 40,000 pieces daily and averages better than 98% on-time delivery; therefore, they know how to produce a quality product and maintain a loyal customer base.

While Helwig Carbon’s product is unsurpassed, its website had seen better days and its audience’s needs have been changing. Moving from phone call ordering to a higher demand of online order placement, Helwig Carbon’s website was under-prepared for the job and failed its users consistently. Helwig Carbon needed a strong and experienced partner who could develop a cutting-edge website that not only told the story of Helwig Carbon’s continued excellence but also put their expertise on display. This needed to be achieved through a catalog and an online ordering system that made their customers’ experience match the superior products they had already received from Helwig Carbon.

RedMoxy assessed Helwig Carbon’s catalog and began asking their team a series of deep-diving questions about their current and future needs, product development and audience expectations. We paired these discussions and the information we gleaned from intensive industry research and functionality appraisals. RedMoxy had been entrusted to deliver an experience that was above reproach, so we developed an ecommerce catalog that worked seamlessly for Helwig Carbon’s current and future customers in combination with a full website that elevates that industry.

RedMoxy came through with flying colors. The website RedMoxy delivered set a new standard in carbon brush manufacturing and delivered a highly-useable and brand-entrenching experience throughout. The website was upstaged only by Helwig Carbon’s new ecommerce catalog which utilized a mobile-first, fly-out filtering and menu systems with a multi-stage selection system custom built for Helwig Carbon.

RedMoxy’s website design and development teams have years of experience in crafting custom digital solutions for manufacturers. We were able to leverage this knowledge for Helwig Carbon to produce an industry-leading website and shopping experience that will firmly cement their current customer loyalty and add more to it for years to come.