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Gourmet burgers, craft brews – and social media designed to induce mouth-watering.

Mr Brews Taphouse is a signature restaurant that began serving superior gourmet burgers and brews in 2013. Since then, Mr Brews has expanded to 10 different locations in Wisconsin with an 11th located in Lexington, KY.

Mr Brews Taphouse has built itself into a go-to establishment because of its expansive selection of available burgers and beer. Their locations offer an environment suitable for families while including a bar with typically 50 or more draft beers on tap. It is known for keeping its beer menu on a rotation that includes a mix of various local and out-of-state brews.

Mr Brews has always had much to offer in a restaurant experience that is unique to their market. It’s hard to find other restaurants that are closely related to it – they are not a bar or a fast food joint but a respected franchise specializing in both beer and burgers. However, Mr Brews needed help to gain better name exposure. They knew they had what it took to be successful but were in need of a trusted partner to take them to the next level of success.

RedMoxy Communications began working with Mr Brews Taphouse to help the franchise build their brand awareness and exposure. Through extensive industry research, RedMoxy was able to identify keywords and specific meta descriptions that would boost Mr Brews Taphouse’s SEO rankings. Additionally, they revamped Mr Brews’ menu and beer list descriptions on its website to include highly appealing, location-specific information for each Mr Brews restaurant location.

RedMoxy was also entrusted with Mr Brews’ social media pages. Using monthly editorial calendars, RedMoxy created consistent messaging and included engaging imagery for each of the Mr Brews Taphouse Facebook pages. These posts have proven to be successful in consumer interaction and excellent in informing its followers of upcoming events and restaurant news.

RedMoxy’s experience, knowledge and expertise in marketing and SEO research allowed us to develop a plan to boost the Mr Brews Taphouse brand and help it thrive within its industry. Our willingness to work alongside Mr Brews staff and management ensured Mr Brews that they would see real results – and would continue to see them long into the future.