Working in Groups

Oct 28, 2015

Working in Groups

Working in groups is often a concept that most people dread. There is normally the concern of dealing with the social loafer of the group and taking on a majority of the work all by yourself. At times, there is a greater degree of independence and there is hesitancy when it comes to seeing who will step up and be the unsung leader of the group. Collaboration is something that is unavoidable. Despite popular attitude, there are several benefits that can result from working in a group. Keep these benefits in mind when attacking your next group project with a fresh perspective, and positive attitude.

Working in Groups

There are a plethora of benefits to working in groups. Whether or not you may have experienced these outcomes in the past, try incorporating some of these benefits into your future group goals!

Pool Knowledge and Skills

One really great benefit of working in groups is that you have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people. Every individual is different and has the chance to contribute knowledge or skills that other group members may be lacking. Each member has unique experiences to potentially contribute as  a source of knowledge on a subject. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Pooling your strengths together will essentially help to patch the holes where skill sets of other group members may be lacking.

Support System Working in Groups

Rather than working independently, a benefit of working in groups is that you have a constant combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.  You become increasingly intrinsically motivated when you feel the need to contribute your portion to the success of the group. If you want to take part in celebrating your group’s accomplishments, chances are you have the desire to feel as if you played an integral role in achieving the  final outcome. Extrinsic motivation, motivation from external sources, provides you with the sense of support from being a part of the team. You and your team will share in both success and failure together. You are not alone.

New Perspective

One of the greatest benefits of working in groups is the variation of perspectives. A team that collaborates on a project together and avoids group think has an effective thought process. When a member plays devil’s advocate, the effects of a decision, both positive and negative, are weighed to select the best possible option for the best possible outcome.

As a whole, working in groups both challenges and helps you to improve your communication skills. Whether it’s figuring out group processes through verbal or nonverbal communication, your group is bound to benefit from working together. As easy as it can be to dread collaborating with your coworker, keep these things in mind and strive to benefit yourself, the group, and your corporation as a whole. Working in Groups is not so bad after all.