How to Write Compelling Ad Copy

Jun 6, 2018

How to Write Compelling Ad Copy

Write compelling ad copy and see how your sales and web traffic increase. We have tips and tricks for you here!

Solve the Problem

Writing ad copy is a little different than everyday content writing. With ads, you have the unique goal of trying to sell products or services. And, the only way that you can do that is to show people how you are going to solve a problem that they have.

Here’s why: You can’t make someone want something.

You cannot create a desire for a product in someone. So, what generally happens is that someone has a problem. They want to lose weight. They are itching to try a new restaurant. Maybe they don’t like their current car’s gas mileage. These are examples of “problems”.

What you have to do is take that problem that people have and center their focus around a product or service that you can offer. Then, their desire for change can lead to a sale.

Focus on the Benefits

How to Write Compelling Ad Copy -- RedMoxy CommunicationsWe have talked about it a few times on our blog now, but one thing that we need to emphasize when it comes to marketing is that it is important to showcase your product or service’s benefits as opposed to its features. This goes back to showing someone how your product can solve a problem.

If you are showing off the features of a product, people have to work to find out why they need your product in their life. If you show the benefits of that product, people can more readily see how your product fits into the needs of their lifestyle.

Use the Right Keywords

To get your target audience’s attention around your solution product or service, you are going to need words that will grab your target audience’s attention. This will take a little research into demographics and industry to find out what words are best. You should also do a little digging into Google AdWords to find out what keywords are popular in searches and to boost your SEO.

As far writing clickable headlines, we’ve got you covered.

Add Emotional Appeals

It is no secret that people are often compelled to act when their heartstrings are being tugged on a little bit. We’re sure that most of you have seen the humane society commercials that have sad puppies whimpering at the camera — a classic examples of an emotional appeal — but, emotional triggers do not have to be all sad. Happiness, excitement, empathizing with frustration, triggering fear… these are all examples of emotional appeals.

Remember not to go overboard with emotional appeals because ethics definitely play a large role in this area of ad copy creation.

Include the FOMO

The Fear Of Missing Out (which often plays a role with the bandwagon effect) is a huge motivator in people to make purchases. One way that you can show someone that they need to act quickly to get a deal is to have “hours remaining for Deal X” in your ad copy. For example, one could say “Two hours left to order Product X at 50% off” or sometimes Amazon says “Hurry! Only four left in stock!”. These are examples of executing the FOMO. Give it a try, and let us know how it goes!

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