Writing a Quality Blog Post

Nov 21, 2015

Writing a Quality Blog Post

There are several factors that go into creating a quality blog post. What could possibly be better than blogging about blogging? After blogging for quite some time, you eventually begin to develop a routine. Sometimes things can become almost automatic. That being said, it is easy to overlook some of the essential details that go into Writing  a Quality Blog Post. Dust the cobwebs off of your blog, and prepare to use these tips for quality blog posts in the new year!

Writing a Quality Blog Post

1. Make Revisions

Taking time to proofread your posts is a definite must. As many of us would like to believe that our writing is flawless, that’s usually not the case. The simplest typo can distract your readers in addition to decreasing your company’s credibility and overall level of professionalism. Take the time to make revisions….you won’t regret it!

2. Do Not Overwrite

Many people associate blogs with having a more conversational tone. This is true. However, as a writer it is necessary to have a plan of action and spare your readers the extra rambling. Be creative, but get to the point.

3. Keep it Less Formal Writing a Quality Blog Post

It is important that the flow of your blog meshes well with the way  you speak in everyday life. You are not writing an insurance brochure, so have fun with it! As we mentioned before, blogs are meant to be conversational and relatable. Entice your readers with your tone of voice, diction, and stylistic choices. This is a huge part of retaining loyal readers to your blog. Leave them wanting more.

4. Have a Creative Title

The title of your blog post is the very first thing someone is going to read. If it does not pique enough interest, readers may disregard your blog post entirely. Many suggest waiting until the end to develop a creative title. Keep the title in mind throughout the entire writing process to help you further develop ideas rather than pushing it off.

5. Include a Visual

Some of the greatest blogs succeed in supplementing written content with images. Be sure to include either an image or other graphic aid. Not only does it break up your post, but it makes it more appealing to the human eye. Do not overwhelm your readers with pages of words. Help them picture themselves into the scenario or topic  you are writing about.

Don’t be afraid. Writing a Quality Blog Post does take time and effort, but it is very tangible for you to do so. Try to revamp your blog using these tips in 2016!